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Starts Sunday, November 5th

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My Biggest Secret For Accurate Dream Interpretation

From Atheist To Dream Analysis Advocate

Four Steps To Channel Safely

Ten Game Changing Secrets About Dreams

Channeling and Dream Mentorship Program Details


Feeling lost or restless? Aisling dream interpretation is your clarity and calling.

If you’re searching for new meaning in life... to be more in touch with the world and better understand your part in the big picture... I understand exactly where you’re coming from.

Many of my students have told me that they KNEW there was more to life than what they’d been living, and they KNEW they wanted to find that path of purpose. They’d already achieved a lot and lived life well, but now they were looking for what comes next.

They didn’t have all the answers, but they could sense that something was waiting for them to take their next steps on the path.

Is that how you feel, too?

Wishing for clarity, longing for a sense of community, we tend to look outside of ourselves for certainty in an uncertain world. Seeking to be pointed in the right direction. Willing and ready to unlock our greatest gifts, to serve the world and help generate the transformation we can all see is desperately needed.

But the answers aren’t outside somewhere. They’re inside you.

You’ve experienced the power of dreams in your own life, so you understand the huge impact of effective dream interpretation. Now you’re beginning to realize that your life up to this point was only one phase of your existence -- it’s time for you to step into a new phase of intentional, spiritual and psychological evolution.

You sense you're meant to use the power of dream interpretation to create meaningful change for yourself and others. You’re just not sure exactly WHAT to do, or HOW… and time is slipping by while you struggle to figure it out.

Have you tried to channel and failed? Taken classes, or copied someone else's method, but it won't work for you?

Have you tried interpreting your dreams and gotten nowhere? You can't do it on demand, or you get conflicting messages?

That’s because you were trying to use methods that weren’t aligned with YOUR talents and skills. No wonder it didn’t work for you -- it wasn’t made for you to begin with!

The truth is, effective dream interpretation comes from learning how YOU connect best with the message. The message is never “hard to understand,” because it’s always intended to be interpreted!

I want to show you how to use a dream interpretation method that aligns to your strengths, armors your vulnerabilities, and reveals the meaning of each message clearly and effectively.

The Gift of Effective Dream Interpretation

Michael SheridanI'm Michael Sheridan, Ireland's #1 dream interpreter.

When I first started analyzing dreams nearly 30 years ago, I knew immediately how impactful it was. But I didn’t share my methods with people at first. And even when I did start to teach others, I held back a key ingredient that I was too embarrassed to share.

You see, many years ago, I was a software engineer. A logical, science-oriented person in a logical, science-oriented environment. Plus I was a proof-seeker and atheist in a very Catholic Ireland, so I’d learned to keep my thoughts on all things spiritual to myself most of the time.

Back then, most of my work colleagues would’ve laughed if I told them I interpreted dreams in my spare time! But I was still very much focused on seeking proof -- and based on the evidence of my own experiences, I’d started to see that dream interpretation really worked.

That wasn’t even the most “embarrassing” part. I’d achieved my success in dream interpretation by using a method that involves channeling spirits. Remember, I was an atheist before all this happened. I’d been pretty loud about how channels and spirit mediums were all fake... so I knew that many people would look at me the same way.

Now you might be wondering how I changed from a cold, hard scientific atheist into a (charming, handsome) dream interpreter and channel… and I’ll tell you.

I was scared into it.

One night as I was in bed, waiting to doze off, I got a weird feeling that something or someone was in the room. I opened my eyes and sat up… and there they were. Three spirits, in my room, at the end of my bed, in my real world.

I was undeniably still awake. They were undeniably spirit beings. And my logical mind crumbled under the strain of trying to absorb this reality.

So I did what any sane and scientific person would do when faced with three very clear, slightly glowing spirits in their bedroom. I freaked out and screamed like an opera singer.

My wife woke up with no clue what was going on. From her perspective, I was yelling and trembling in terror, pointing at absolutely nothing. But she persuaded me to focus on her for a moment… and when I looked back, the spirits were gone.

From that moment forward, I was visited by spirits at least once every few weeks. Every time, I was just as petrified as the first. Why were they here? Why me? And what could I do about it?

I spent years struggling to make sense of it all, learning little bits of insight and understanding here and there, until finally I tried analyzing my own dreams. And my dreams revealed my purpose to me.

I’m here on this Earth to help spiritual seekers and transformation-bringers like you to unlock your full gifts.

So I started teaching people how to interpret their dreams. And then those people started asking me to teach them how to interpret the dreams of others, so that they could help more people the way I’d helped them. I started to use channeling, too, because my own dreams told me that it was a vital part of the dream interpretation method.

Over the years, I've been blessed to have helped thousands of people to

transform their lives for the better. Like Mary, who rediscovered her higher self and her life’s purpose:

This was a completely new experience for me so it took me time to get used to sharing my dreams, but once I became comfortable with the process, every session gave me huge amounts of insight into myself -- who I am and my purpose for being here. The classes and individual sessions helped clarify for me just exactly where I should be putting my energy at this point in my life. I have gotten more out of these sessions than any other form of therapy. I also feel I have been given the tools to further my spiritual growth and to use my gifts to help others.

Mary Hobson

Or Holly, who asked me to say the vows at her wedding after she found the perfect partner from listening to her dreams!

Michael officiating at Holly and Ricardo's wedding

There were two reasons I enrolled in this course: to learn my life purpose, and to discover the root cause of some ongoing health issues. The course far exceeded my expectations and I got answers to everything I wanted to know and more.

My dreams were clearly connecting how an unhealed childhood trauma was manifesting as the physical symptoms I experienced. This is something I never would have figured out on my own or through the medical system.

My primary purpose is to help spiritual leaders broaden their reach by honing group energy. I wouldn't have guessed this, but what's interesting is I indirectly do this in my work as a business consultant! I was using my gift so naturally I didn't even realize it.

The course will greatly expand your ability to interpret dreams. You'll discover how much you can count on your dreams for spiritual guidance and making sure you're aligned with your spiritual goals. And above all, you learn your life purpose. What could be more exciting than that?

Holly Betros

Help Yourself and Help Others

Right now, I’m inviting you to join the Aisling School’s Channeling & Dream Mentorship Program.

It's my 10-month intensive course that teaches you how to empower yourself, and others, by channeling and interpreting dreams, as effectively as I do. Restoring your direct connection to source so you can unleash your gifts on the world.

In uncertain times, your reflexive action is to look out into the world to find certainty. But you already have that certainty, with every dream. It's your inner wisdom that gives you the answers to all your questions, telling you exactly what you need to be doing to transform and improve your life today.

In this program, you’ll hone your skill of trusting yourself, of hearing your own voice, and being able to access your deeper messages within, from your dreams. From the source. And you’ll learn to do this not only for yourself, but for other people too. How much purpose, peace and comfort would that give you?

Channeling and Dream Mentorship Program

Starts Sunday, November 5th

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The Aisling Method™ Transforms Lives

The Aisling Method of dream interpretation relies on developing a strong connection with your higher self and spirit guides. It also uses channeling to arrive at the full meaning of a dream. Through the combination of dream interpretation and channeling, you can identify your spiritual gifts and life purpose, as well as the obstacles that hold you back from them.

So by using this method, you’re empowered to interpret dreams more accurately, making the messages clearer and more helpful for you and for the people you support through your gifts. You learn to release trauma from the subconscious mind, freeing up energy for transformation. And by watching how dreams change over time, you have a reliable insight into the level of progress made so far.

As you develop your dream interpretation skills, you gain clarity around your unique purpose so that you can embrace your calling -- and experience the confidence, serenity and fulfillment that comes with it. Your ability to influence positive transformation will expand the more you come into the fullness of your gifts.

Being new to the world of spirituality and dreams, I wasn’t quite sure what I had signed up for but I’m so glad I took the leap. I joined this course hoping to find answers, but what I found and have come away with are invaluable tools that will help me to understand the answers for myself. I can say with sincerity that I feel different and my perspective has changed in a very positive way because of the work that I have done in this course.


Rarely can I say this about any activities in life, but I am saying now: I have absolutely no regrets about taking this course and about dedicating the time and energy into being part of my own healing. I wouldn't change a thing! It was a delight and surprise to learn just how much my dreams revealed and how it helped so tremendously just to have the intent to heal.


Michael gave me the tools to use for healing and self understanding by using my own dreams. Dreams are funny and odd, yet they have so much to reveal about us. In this class I learned a fascinating symbolic language of infinite variation focused on discovery of how dreams help us to heal ourselves physically and spiritually. I have always loved to dream, but now I get much more from them, they are not just amusing, but helpful and profound.



Why this course is different to others

I know you may have already tried courses that didn't measure up to their promise. They failed you in some way.

I've taken many of the same courses. (Maybe slightly different incarnations of them.) And I've taken note of why they fall short of their potential. Then I crafted my program to break through those barriers.

I developed this program with input from many experts. There are actually 6 people involved in your training, bringing the required expertise from multiple disciplines, through live classes, personal one to ones, educational video modules, and more.

My work has now made a positive impact in the lives of tens of thousands of people. But I started with myself and my own dreams, just like you.

This mentorship program gives you the tools you need to fully step into alignment with your life purpose, and to help others do the same.

You learn the techniques I use to interpret EVERY dream. Can you imagine tuning into the guidance you receive each night in your dreams? Using your gift along with my techniques to help guide others?

But not just that. You become a confident channel, so you can be fully accurate with every dream you interpret. In fact, this is two courses rolled into one.


This is the journey you're about to go on

The Channeling and Dream Mentorship Program lasts for 9 months in total. First you learn how to channel effectively and safely, then you learn how to use that channeling skill to produce accurate and checkable dream interpretations.

  • Channeling
    • 14 weeks in this phase
      • Live online classes
      • Weeks 1 - 5 = Channeling Q&A, Raise your vibration and Clear the Channel (blocks & negative energy)
      • Weeks 6 - 14 = Guided practice channelling sessions in small groups (midweek).
      • Throughout practice weeks = Safe sacred space

      • Bonus 1 = Sacred space crystals
      • Bonus 2 = Private clear your channel session


  • Dream Interpretation using The Aisling Method™
    • 28 weeks in this phase
      • Weeks 1 through 6 = Dream Interpretation Video Training Series.
        • This self paced course that runs in parallel to the live channeling classes weeks 1 - 6
        • 12 modules, 2 modules released per week to prepare you for the first live class
        • 01: The 4 Rules of Dream Interpretation
        • 02: The digestive & elimination system
        • 03: How to detect dreams that reveal Life Purpose and Spiritual Abilities
        • 04: The Circulatory System
        • 05: Hands-On Healer in Dreams
        • 06: The Power of Your Mind
        • 07: The Reproductive System
        • 08: Communication with Spirits
        • 09: Spiritual Teaching and Leadership
        • 10: Writing
        • 11: Do your dreams predict the future?
        • 12: Colors and Numbers in Dreams
      • Weeks 7 - 28 (22 weeks)
        • Live 90 minute class each Sunday
        • 2 Assignments per week
        • 60 minute midweek personal coaching call each week
        • Additional subject matter includes;
          • Female Energy
            Additional spiritual gifts and how they are depicted in dreams
          • Male energy
          • Relationship dreams
          • Career dreams
          • Entities
        • Monthly channeling practice sessions continue

        • Bonus 1 = What your dreams say - the gifts you have
  • Follow Your Calling - putting skills to use / professional practice
    • 7 weeks in this phase
      • Live online classes
      • 5 live group dream interpretation practice sessions
      • 2 live classes on how to talk to clients
    • Certificate
    • Graduates community


  • Massive Bonus - My Transformation Healing Course ($3,297 value) is included totally free when you sign up for the Mentorship Program from our Big Event Weekend

  • Bonus: Four Private Dream Interpretation Sessions with Michael. (Value: $2,000)

  • Bonus: 44 Group Dream Sessions with Michael per year to help you with your clients' dreams. (Value: $22,000)

  • Bonus: 20 Group Advanced Channeling Sessions with Michael per year to keep improving and keep clear. (Value: $10,000)

This course is worth it for the bonuses alone. They total $32,000 per year, and you get them every year!

Channeling and Dream Mentorship Program

Starts Sunday, November 5th

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Your Complete Channeling &
Dream Mentorship Curriculum


You need to activate your channeling abilities first, because channeling is the key to confidence in the accuracy of your dream interpretations!

Clear the channel

On week one, we do some introductions, answer your questions, and begin clearing your channel. Clearing the channel is the secret sauce on this part of the course. It clears past life issues, negative entities, energetic blocks and anything else that is blocking your ability to channel. Two experts are involved here. Sandy Sheridan raises your vibration while Elizabeth Rose clears blocks. Meanwhile, I’m scanning you to see if any particular attention is needed and I pass that to Sandy and Elizabeth.

Clearing the channel continues each Sunday for 5 weeks and includes small lessons with time for Q & A.

Guided channeling practice

Based on a time slot of your choosing, I assign you to a small group of just 3 or 4 people. This is where you will learn to channel. From week 3, we meet once per week at the same time for 8 weeks. I cover everything you need to actually begin channeling. This includes;

  • How to ground
  • How to clear
  • How to protect yourself
  • How to project protective energy
  • How to raise your vibration
  • How to make that elusive connection

Each person in turn, sits in the hot seat and is guided by me through the steps to establish their channeling connection. By tuning into you, during your time in the hot seat, I can tell when you’re grounded, clear and connected. I guide you through correcting any mistakes. In short order, you’ll be channeling answers to questions.

You are asked to bring 4 questions to each practice.

We create a Sacred Space

My wife, Sandy Sheridan, is a skilled channel, but her speciality is manifestation and raising energy.

Throughout each class, Sandy will hold a safe sacred space for you, so you don't have to worry about whether you're doing it right. Sandy will raise your vibration for you. Ensuring you can only connect to the light, the divine, to your guides.

When you know what that feels like, you know what to aim for, for the rest of your life.

Are you getting excited about this yet?

This class is like nothing else.

But wait, there's more!
Sorry, I couldn't resist saying that!

I show you how to confirm what you channel

In one of our channeling practice sessions I show you how to get simple yes / no answers from your guides, by telling you the exact physical sensation to look for in your body.

Wow! Did you even know that's a thing? Well it is and everyone can do it, but the sensation is different for everyone. So I will tune into each of you in turn, and explain what you need to look for. And we will give it a live test run too.

I use this technique all the time, because it's so obvious - you feel it in your body after all. I use it as a check on all the other information I channel.

Discover YOUR channeling method

There are 9 ways to channel and it's super important to know the method or methods that work for you so you know what to practice - because using the incorrect method, even though it works for others, will not work for you. If you're only contacted by landline, why wait at the mailbox? That's not where the phone is!

During the live classes, I will work to determine the precise channeling methods that you need to use. I will also answer your questions about channeling methods.

Bonus #1: Sacred Space Crystals
[ Value: $450 ]

During weeks 1 through 3, we program a set of 3 crystals for each of you. You'll get them in the mail shortly after practice begins on week 3.

They are specifically for each of you to help you maintain a sacred space and raise your vibration while channeling.

If you work with crystals, you won't need these, but most of us do better with them. I’ve been using programmed crystals for many years and almost always have one on my person.

The crystals are programmed for grounding, protection and connecting. The programming is multifaceted. It is individually tailored and programmed for your journey and the particular work you will be doing on the course.

Bonus #2: Personal Clear the Channel Session
[Value $350]

Elizabeth Rose works with the Angels. In this personal session, she guides you through a divine healing to cover any special case clearing needs you may have.

Bonus #3*: Channeling Practice Continues for 6 Months
[Value: $3,000]

Channeling is essential for accurate dream interpretation and you will be channeling well by the end of our channeling module.

But even when that ends, I will continue to run one small group class per month for the following 6 months, should you have questions or the desire to practice channeling more.

*Bonus included in full program


Dream Interpretation using The Aisling Method™

Now that your channeling journey is underway, the next step is to learn how to interpret your dreams, so that you can understand and work with the guidance they contain.

In advance of the first live dream interpretation class, you will receive 12 dream interpretation training modules. The modules are released two per week over 6 weeks. Each includes video, downloadable tools, skill-building exercises and example dreams with interpretations. You can immediately apply the content of each module to the analysis of your own dreams.

You can do these at your own pace, you retain lifetime access to them. But having done these, allows me to cover advanced dream topics right from the first live class.

By this point in the program, you can channel, and you’re talking to your guides all the time! As you learn from their advice, you interpret each dream’s guidance with greater clarity so you can live the life you’re meant to live, and help others do the same.

Collaborate With Your Higher Self

Your higher-self wants you to be healthy, happy and successful. It wants you to heal your traumas. It wants you to use your spiritual gifts in the exact way you promised to.

For these and many other reasons, your higher-self will send you dreams to comment on how true you are being to your life purpose. To nudge you into alignment. To keep you healthy. To heal you.

When you channel, your guides can point you in the right direction. However, unless you understand that you need the skill to ask the right questions to begin with, channeling won't serve its full purpose. The dreams are what give you the clarity to ask the best questions of your guides. Dreams are like a map, whereas channeling is like a compass.


Analyzing & Interpreting Dreams in Practice

Each live class includes lessons on an aspect of the Aisling Method of dream interpretation, along with time for Q&A. As the course progresses, you’ll break into small groups where you practice analyzing dreams.

Following the class, you receive 2 assignments. Each assignment is based on a real dream. The assignments start easy and progress to more complex, but at a gentle pace.

What happens if you need help with an assignment or have a question about one of the training modules? That's what the coaches are for. Holly Betros and April Angel will coach you through each module and are available to answer any questions about the live lessons, training modules and assignments.

You can book a 60-minute call with them each week. They answer your questions and also explain how you did on your assignments. You get 22 calls with your coach.

If you have vacation planned for a month, there's no problem. Just let your coach know so she can plan her workload. You can book the unused mentorship calls at any future time during the course, and catch up on assignments at your own pace.

There are 28 weeks of Dream Interpretation training and practice in this phase.

  • 6 weeks Video Training prior to the start of live classes

  • 22 weeks of live classes, including group practice

  • 44 assignments

  • 22 hours of personal coaching

Remember that for much of this time, you still have access to channeling classes with Michael.

Your Dream Interpretation Training
in The Aisling Method™

Introduction, Numbers, Digestive System
  • Reveal your gifts and identify the subject matter of the dream.
  • Identify specific ages at the root causes of issues blocking healing.
  • Show the investment required or the dividend you will yield from following the dream’s advice.
  • Help you transform your health -- often a necessary step towards activating your spiritual gifts.
Female Energy, Heart, Colors
  • Learn how dreams show what you need to do to bring joy to your life.
  • Reveal the obstacles to expressing yourself fully so you can heal them.
  • Pick up on heart related problems years in advance and identify the steps to avoid them.
  • Discover gifts, obstacles, health issues, and more in an easy to interpret fashion.
Reproductive System
  • Learn to use dreams as an advanced alert system so you know when you need medical attention.
  • Identify what needs resolving if you or a client have difficulty conceiving.
Counseling, Psychic Abilities
  • Reveal YOUR specific gifts so you know what to pursue and what to avoid.
  • Find out if you are psychic and how and when to use it.
  • Pinpoint your calling to counsel, and the obstacles you need to overcome to improve your ability.
Male energy, Hands-on Healing
  • Learn what inhibits the flow of your male energy so you can restore confidence, belief in yourself and feel worthy of the space you occupy.
  • Find out if you have the gift of hands-on healing for helping others.
Absent Healing
  • Learn to project your mind through dreams and while awake.
  • Discover how to heal others at a distance, and how to use hypnosis to help heal their fears.
Communication with Spirits
  • Learn the 9 best-evidenced ways to channel spirits.
  • Learn from your dreams if you have a channeling gift -- AND the exact way it works for you so you can practice that method.
  • Enjoy spiritual guidance in all matters for the rest of your life.
  • Find out if you have a gift for spiritual leadership.
  • Understand what holds you back, so you can heal that issue and step into your life purpose of helping others.
  • Develop the authority and confidence to express this side of your nature.
Writing, Prophesy
  • Unlock your writing talents and discover other gifts that work alongside it.
  • Learn how prophecy works in dreams so you can use them to predict your future.
  • Learn how to tell predictive dreams from symbolic ones, so you know when to interpret them and when to just heed their prophecy.
  • Learn to use dreams to show you how to improve relationships.
  • Know for sure when you’ve met ‘the one’ for you.
  • Identify issues from past relationships, so you can heal and stop them affecting your present.
  • Reveal your life purpose through dreams, including when using your spiritual gifts is part of your career.
  • Find out which of your gifts work in harmony to help you in your career.

Bonus #1: What your dreams say
[Value: $750]

Your dreams reveal your gifts, including how your channeling works. I ask each participant to submit a series of dreams so I can determine their gifts from them, including exactly how their channeling works.

Following Your Calling

Live Group Dream Interpretation Practice

We move into 5 live group classes where I answer your questions and help you with dreams you want to work on - whether yours, a client's or a friend's. This section grounds you in everything you've learned.

How to talk to clients

You're now ready to use your new skills in your own practice. If dealing with clients is new to you, you'll love this.

We spend two live classes where I give you the benefit of my years of experience working with clients. I cover how to begin your first session with a client, how to relate the interpretation to your client, how to broach difficult subjects, how to take notes so you can quickly prepare for your next session with the same client. All with lots of Q&A.

Certificate of Accomplishment

Finally, you receive a certificate of accomplishment and are listed on my website as having completed the Aisling School Channeling & Dream Mentorship Program.

You must pass each test to qualify for the certificate and listing - but that's why you have mentors to help you.

Aisling Graduates Community

You're also invited to join the highly active Aisling Graduates community, where you can stay in touch with fellow graduates and help each other with dreams you are working on.

This is the most comprehensive and supportive Channeling and Dream Interpretation training program you will ever find!



This is the most comprehensive and supportive Channeling and Dream Interpretation training program you will ever find!


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Starts Sunday, November 5th

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Michael brings dream interpretation down to the level of practicality that can easily be applied to your every day waking life. Michael showed me not only how my decisions and behaviors are influenced by my unconscious, but how dreams show the way to heal and empower me to make healthier choices for myself. Through this course you will be shown how our dreams reveal life direction, course correction, healing, guidance and so much more! Get ready to set out on a new journey of self discovery and awareness with this course.

Jenny Young

Michael makes dreams fun and very interesting. All of the dreams that he interpreted for me were very revealing and helped me work through some very emotional traumatizing experiences I have been going through. My partner took this class with me and Michael's interpretations of his dreams were spot on! It lead to us getting married!

I would recommend Michael to anyone interested in learning more of the hidden aspects of their lives.

Geri Lynn Larson

I have taken a broad range of courses in my lifetime but I have never taken one that I can actually use every morning when I awake to help me understand myself better. I highly recommend Michael's work to anyone in search for a deeper understanding of their own spiritual gifts. Michael truly has a gift to take you further then you believe you can. Thank you Michael for sharing your gift with all of us!

Erin O'Leary

I've been working with dreams for many years, but Michael has a unique approach. I've learned so much from him about understanding what my dreams are trying to tell me about my health, career, relationships, and life path. It's deeply satisfying and life-changing to be able to understand the messages in my dreams. I feel connected to my wisest self. Learning these skills has also improved my work with life coaching clients--now I can use clients' dreams to help guide our work together as well.

Susan Pullen


• 11 Weeks Channeling Training

• 22 Weeks Dream Interpretation Training

• 22 Live Mentorship Calls

• Live Group Dream Interpretation Practice with Michael


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Go ahead with full confidence!


We will work with you until you can successfully channel and can successfully interpret dreams. If at the end of the program, you have difficutly with either, we will continue to work with you for extra practice sessions until you can!.


Questions about the program?

Meet The Aisling School Team


Michael Sheridan
Dream Analyst & Channel

Founder, CEO

Sandy Sheridan
Energy Work & Channel

Holly Betros
Dream Analyst & Lead Instructor

April Angel
Dream Analyst & Lead Instructor


Elizabeth Rose
Trance Channel & Energy Work

Working with Michael, you will walk away with keys to tend to specific areas of your own life that require attention in order to move forward, also gain a lot of insight into how the mind works in tangent with spirituality. This is a spiritual but non religious course, friendly to open minded people from any background who want to go deeper in a safe environment. Michael makes it fun, so be ready to laugh and cry.


I just wanted to tell you how much I've enjoyed your course. It's been a revelation for me. I had gotten to where I wasn't letting myself have any fun any more because of self judgment (in your words- 'every first attempt has to be a Mona Lisa' is very true about me and I'd even add 'I need to look just like a Mona Lisa or else stay home in my sweatpants!).

Your dream course has been a really great tool to help me understand what's been going on inside myself. I'm looking forward to a happier future! Thank you so much!


Aisling School

Channeling and Dream Mentorship Program

Starts Sunday, November 5th

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